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About Langdon Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions
Langdon Hair SALON PIANO
Newcastles only salon
with live music Thursday nights

Langdon Hair is Newcastle’s number 1 salon for beautiful natural looking 100% human hair extensions.

We started specialising in Hair extensions in 2010.

Langdon Hair Extensions (LHE) are our very own exclusive range of 100% natural human “remy” hair extensions. Remy hair or Remi hair is collected by appointment directly from the hair donor. The hair is tied in one direction, harvested, and the direction of the hair is preserved. Hair that is collected at random, not keeping track of the natural direction will tangle when it gets wet. With Remy hair the cuticle is always going in one direction as on a natural head of hair, so it is less likely to tangle. Since all the hairs are placed in the same direction, the hairs remain undisturbed, making them more durableand long lasting. Remy hair lasts longer, keeps vitality and elasticity, colors better (enhancing color consistency over 95% to that of synthetic- fiber), easier to comb and it curls better. This is what makes Remy hair so special.

At Langdon hair we pride ourselves on the years of training we have invested into specialising in Hair Extensions, and we now bring our very own range to a salon near you! Beautifully bonded by natural keratin our extensions look and feel completely natural and joins are almost invisible. LHE can be coloured, permed, heat straightened and curled. They are guaranteed for two months provided any colour service is done to your hair by a colourist at the salon where your LHE were put in and that you are using the recommended shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser your stylist recommended for you at the time your hair was put in. They will last you up to seven months provided you care for them.

Hair extensions are for all ages and not just to make short hair long. If your hair is fine and lifeless, simply adding 40 to 50 pieces will give you volume and bounce like you’ve never had before, you won’t believe how FANTASTIC you will look and feel!

So if you have been trying to grow your own hair, but are getting no where, or if you would like to thicken up that fine stringy pony tail you’ve always struggled with, call in for a FREE consultation , you will be amazed at how affordable our beautiful natural hair extensions are!